Thursday, 24 July 2014

Get Good Summer: Week Four

Hello to all you Get Good Summerers (is that a word?!)

I have been SO impressed by how amazingly committed you all have been to linking up here every week. Its so inspiring to see those of you who are powering on, and encouraging to see others have struggling weeks like me!!

As you read this, I will be jet-setting off to Norway with the fam for a month back to my in-laws. I am SO looking forward to spending time with my family, and relaxing a bit too. Here's hoping for good weather!

One of my aims in Norway was to spend my evenings making the little dresses for the girls, so this week, I got out the pattern and set to work cutting all the pieces, so that all I have to do when I get there is sew it all together!

I have to admit, I wasn't overly convinced by the fabric, but now its starting to take shape, I'm thinking my little ladies might actually look pretty cute in these little ensembles!

I bought this Burda pattern online a couple of years ago, and I've already made one little dress for Ava out of it. This year, my aim was to make a little outfit for both girls... sort of matching, but different as well... I'll be revealing all as the dresses start to come together!

So with that I'll love you and leave you as I taxi, fly, bus and sail my way to a beautiful little peninsula on the Sognefjord... want to join me for the ride? Check in every day and I'll be posting a single picture of what we're up to.

A little taste of Norway for you all to enjoy!

Over and out!

To take part in #GetGoodSummer, simply link your blog post with your summer goals and progress below, then pop over to a couple of other links and leave a word of encouragement! Other than that, I'll see you next week... we'll be half way!!!!!!


Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Ready, Steady...

Last night the packing began... Slowly but surely we are gathering up our daily life and attempting to fit it into three suitcases. The girls have one sleep to go, and Ava talks daily about the aeroplane, the bus and the boat she's going to get, and she's filling Heidi in on fjordlife...

"Heidi... We catch fish that are SOOOO big... And then we cook them and then we eat them!"

"This year you can come out in the boat with us too, Heidi!"

"We can see Bestamor and Bestafar every day!"

"Sometimes we go and see the goats, Heidi, and we can even go up and hug them!"

"There is a room with toys on the big boat, Heidi... And we can play with whatever we like!"

I realise when I hear my big girl telling my little all about Norway, what wonderful memories she is making when we spend our summers there. Swimming, grilling, playing with second-cousins and little friends, boat-rides, fishing, goat-visiting and countless hours spent with their grandparents. These summers are summers to cherish.

As for me? I'm looking forward to celebrating our six-year wedding anniversary, evenings spent reading and playing games on the balcony to the sound of rippling waves, dipping my toes in fjord-water, eating cherries and raspberries straight off the tree/bush, and most of all, soaking and savouring this view...

I never tire of it.

So for the next month (with the exception of Thursdays #GetGoodSummer) I'm going to be posting a single picture a day of what we're up to, so that you can all get a taste of this country I've come to love...

So there you have it! I'll see you in Norway!

Tuesday, 22 July 2014


Who doesn't love a few Scrapbooking goodies??

Yesterday I headed into town and picked up these gorgeous goodies from this new shop called Hema. Honestly, I could've bought out the entire shop!

Now all I need to do, I'd get my photos printed off and get cracking on some serious Scrapbooking!


Monday, 21 July 2014



* Post Ava's birthday invitations
* Organise baby equipment for Norway
* Finish washing all clothes
* Birthday presents - pack and send
* Lay out stuff ready to pack
* Organise garden watering
* Use up fridge leftovers
* Change all bedding
* Dust and Hoover whole house
* Organise girls travel packs
* Wedding Anniversary!
* Pick up H's meds
* Buy nappies!
* Clean bathroom
* Buy Ava a new sun hat
* Shop in town to get last minute holiday essentials
* Finish ordering Ava's bday pressies
* Hair cut??
And last but not least,
* Spend time with friends visiting from Austria!

Phew... Anyone else find the last few days before travelling a bit manic?! It's SO worth it every year, but the two or three days before we leave, I always start to feel an overwhelmed sense of panic. How on EARTH am I going to get everything done?!

Well, if you're looking for me over the next couple of days, I'll probably have my head stuck in a washing machine doing my 14th load, or be last-minute-shopping online, or be cleaning the house from top to bottom...


Just remember. In four days, I'll be sitting fjordside, watching my girls scurry in ice-cold water trying to clamber into the boat for a ride out with Papa while I sip on a nice cold orange juice.


Friday, 18 July 2014

Our week in pictures

Savouring the sights at Hatchlands Park with Papa before he headed off to Germany!

Sunday:Celebrating the christening of my little god-daughter and the arrival of Kaya from Austria!

A trip to the theme park!

Tuesday:Enjoying a yummy picnic and exploring another National Trust Property!
We've been watching a Harry Potter movie a night since Kaya arrived... a trip to Platform 9 and 3/4 was a must!

Thursday:A lazy day, and Ava's trial day at Nursery School... she was so excited!

Friday:Papa's home! There will be two very excited little girls when they wake up this morning!

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Get Good Summer: Week Three

If I'm totally honest, I can't believe we're on week three already. This week has gone in a flurry of activity... we have had one guest after the other and so I've been working hard and achieving lots... just sadly very little on my goals list.

So exercise hasn't happened, unless you count trekking round London all day, climbing numerous National Trust Hills or pushing child-laden buggies around theme parks. And reading hasn't happened, unless you count Museum boards, and information leaflets and blogs. And clothes-making hasn't happened... unless you count the countless times I've had to rescue clothes from grass-stains, tomato sauce and mud stains this week. And my photo wall isn't any further along... unless you count the countless moments I've captured on camera this week and which will possibly/probably end up on our wall!

One thing, however, has come together this week (phew!)

Ava's Safari Party invitations are DONE.

I wish that would mean I could sit back, put my feet up and count one goal off my list. But sadly not... there is still the small matter of the entire party to plan... and pull off.

But let's not dwell on that for now!

How have you got on this week?? Have you had a more successful #GetGoodSummer week than me? Share your progress in the linky or the comments section, and pop round a couple of others to say hello!

All the best for Week 4!


Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Lessons in time...

It seems that as I get older, time goes quicker... anybody else feel like that? I remember as a kid, the summer holidays stretched before me like an eternity... rainy afternoons seemed to drag on forever... and the school day? It never seemed to end...

And yet these days I feel like life is one big whirlwind. I mean, it is busy... but I also think there is just something about time that makes it speed up as the years go on.

I can't believe it is almost 9 years since I stepped off that plane onto Austrian soil. It was my first year of real adventure... entering the real unknown... I knew no-one - new culture, new language, new friends.

But real friends, and ones who have been through thick and thin with us.

One special girly from my life in Austria has been visiting us this week. She is no longer the two-year-old I read bedtime stories to, no longer the cheeky little three year old running around and singing at the top of her lungs, no longer the blond-pigtailed girl trying to convince me adamently that the difference between sheep and goats is that sheep have ears and goats don't, no longer my little blue-eyed flower girl who wore her satin shoes and walked the yellow-brick aisle with me.

She's grown up. And somehow, realising that this week has just cemented this whole time thing.

It's so lovely to realise that our relationship has changed. That that little girl who I in many ways mothered has become a real friend. One I can sit on the sofa with as we stuff our faces with popcorn and watch the Harry Potter films marathon style; one I can have a giggle with as we paint our nails rainbow colours; one I can scream my head off alongside as we crawl over the hill of a rollercoaster and are suddenly flying down one almighty drop.

So I suppose I just wanted to say; Kaya - I'm so glad you're here this week and I'm thankful to God that he put you in my life. Love you girly. xx