Tuesday, 22 May 2018

A Royal Feast // Celebrating with Little Ones


I have always been a royalist. For as far back as I can remember the royal family have fascinated me and as a child I collected photos and newspaper snippings in a scrapbook. Even as an adult, my friends joke that I'm useless in pub quizzes until the royal family comes up... then I can pretty much answer any questions you throw at me. As small children (sorry Kris!), my sister and I used to play princesses - I was always Zara, and she was always Beatrice, and my best friend and I collected royal sticker albums growing up (we may also have written some rather hilarious letters to Prince Harry - Katherine, you win that one!) I've pretty much not missed a major royal event; going up to London for the jubilees, to lay flowers for Diana, to watch the car drive past and wave at the Buckingham Palace balcony. And I've loved the Netflix series "The Crown".

But with Dave away at the weekend (back in Norway), and four small children in tow, there was no way I was going to attempt heading up to London for the wedding of the year.

So instead, we decided to bring the royal party here... all the red, white and blue, wedding cake(thank you Kate!) and a celebratory High Tea, for our little princes and princesses to enjoy! And I was joined by fellow royal fans and their little people too (some of them less obsessed, some of them even more fanatic - I won't name names!)

It was such a fun afternoon!

Monday, 21 May 2018

Keep Going // Thoughts for a Monday Morning

"Taking on the career of being a mother and wife is a fabulously rare lifework in the twentieth century, and a very challenging job. A wasted effort? A thankless job? An undignified slave? No, a most exciting possibility of turning the tide, of saving the species, of affecting history, of doing something that will be felt and heard in ever-widening widening circles."

Edith Schaeffer

Friday, 18 May 2018

Hipp Hipp Hurra! // A Red, White and Blue Week

Norwegian National dawned yesterday morning after a busy few days, so the usual 17th May breakfast was sadly not ready! Still, we dressed up in all the red, white and blue and took a few pictures!

After school the children prepared red, white and blue decorations (there might just be a royal wedding at the weekend which I might also need all the colours for!), we listened to the Norwegian songs and had meatballs and pasta for dinner, and our favourite Norwegian waffles for pudding.

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Essential Oils on a Budget // The Shocking Discovery

One of the biggest barriers I hear to people starting out on oils is the cost. I get it. I was just the same. As a one income family, I loved the idea of essential oils as part of our everyday life (mainly for health support), but the price point just seemed out of our reach... these tiny little bottles just seemed so much more expensive than their synthetic counterparts.

The thing was, the more research I did, the more convinced I became that I wanted the synthetic stuff out of my home. There are a lot of toxic products that my kids come into contact with every day that I have no control over. But I could influence what I exposed them to at home. A quick google into the ingredients of my shampoo, my cleaning spray, my make-up and just about every other product I was using showed I was daily dealing my family a toxic diet of endocrine disruptors, potential carcinogens, allergens and developmental toxins. It was a shocking discovery. I had always assumed that if these things were being sold, they must be safe. But the truth is that there is still much research to be done, companies can hide their ingredients inside the word "fragrance" or "perfumes", and though individual products may only harbour a small amount of these ingredients, combined together, we are throwing chemicals, perservatives and pesticides across our bodies with reckless abandon every day.

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Shifts and Changes // Siblings in May

We are now suddenly heading into the "four children" territory. Until now, it has seemed very much that we have had three children and a baby. So while the elder three have spent countless happy (and countless bickery) hours playing together, until recently Elias has not been particularly involved.

Suddenly I notice all that changing, and it has brought the best kind of equilibrium to our little tribe.

I am so glad we decided to have four.

Monday, 14 May 2018

Too Much // Thoughts for a Monday Morning

"We are building out daily lives, and our families, on the four pillars of too much: too much stuff, too many choices, too much information, and too much speed"

If I could go back to my first pregnancy, there is a tonne of advice I would give myself. Not that I am the wisdom on parenting now, but just that I suppose a little down the line, there are some lessons I've learnt that probably would have been helpful right back at the beginning... don't go too hard on yourself; survival is enough sometimes, don't try and compete, just be content in who you are and the gifts that God has given you. 

Saturday, 12 May 2018

Darling girl... It's been five years...

The day our world took a turn down a path we never would have chosen.

May the 12th, 2013.

It was a Sunday. We strolled up to church with two beautiful little girls dressed in their Sunday best. Our toddler smiling at familiar faces as people bent down to chat to her, our baby girl, only nine weeks old, charming everyone who we saw. She had been a blissful baby; contented, cheery, sleeping through the night from five weeks old. My life was so, so full. My heart could not have been fuller.

After starting in church together, I settled our older daughter in creche and headed out to the sofa at the back of church to feed our baby. She was irritable and fidgety. Not the usually contented feeder that she was usually. I sat her up, winded her, tried to settle her but she didn't want to settle at all. I figured something was up, wondered if she was a little under the weather and wandered around until she fell off to sleep, little knowing the trajectory our life was about to take.

It was the beginning of a nightmare.