Thursday, 26 November 2015

Winter is here! #SavouringtheSeason

This week has seen the change of the seasons occur. Autumn has lost her last leaves, the skyline has turned from a rich fire to stark black sticks on white cloud skies. The central heating is on and thick woollen socks and cosy scarves have been donned.

And we have cosied in at home, only venturing out for the school run. We've needed a couple of quiet days... the past few nights have been tough... we've been battling a string of bugs, colds, coughs and chest infections and I've heard little voices calling for "Mama" almost every night this week. If I've been stirred from slumber only once in the night, its been a good night. Our Heidi-girl is going through a bit of a clingy phase right now, and if she had her way she'd have those little chubby arms wrapped round my neck all night long...

But there is something about the winter time that takes the guilt away from being cooped up indoors. Somehow it feels OK to spend your days pottering around your cosy house while the weather wreaks havoc outside, and we've needed that this week.

Winter has definitely arrived, and that's been evident on the #SavouringtheSeason Instagram hashtag this week too... the whole feed just fills me with happy appreciation of beauty. It is SO very nice to look at. Thank you so much to all of you who have been hashtagging away and joining me in savouring each season as it rolls around. Why not pop over to Instagram and take a peek?

It was really hard to pick out my favourites this week... so many lovely shots, but these were the ones that stood out for me. Why not head on over and follow these lovely ladies for a glimpse of real wintry wonderland...
Clockwise from top - 1. @thelinencloud, 2. @nandawiaderna, 3. @albamum, 4. @capturebylucy

On the blog post front, my favourite this week was this post by Karen at Let Kids Be Kids. She has written about their fungi walk turned deer hunt, and shares some of the classic excitement for children that autumn brings. It was a real autumnal post and, as we wave goodbye to my favourite season, one which I felt really highlighted all that nature has to offer at this time of year! You can go and take a look here.

So this week, the times have changed, and we're moving into winter mode... so link up all your wintry posts and lets celebrate all that this season has to offer - I used to think winter the ugliest of all the seasons, but I'm beginning to realise it has  beauty all of its own - fresh and crisp and stark in its contrasts.

Link up your posts below, and don't forget to use the Instagram hashtag! And please, if you leave a post below, make sure you go and comment on some of the others! Appreciating each others posts is what this linky is all about after all!

See you next week!

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This linky list is not open yet. It will open for new entries in 4 hrs, 43 min (11/26/2015 6:00 AM Europe - Greenwich Mean Time)

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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

With the Lord's Help, We Will...

Sunday past was an extra special one in our family. We stood before our family, our friends, our church family and God, and covenanted to parent our son, Jonas, in a way that will point him to Jesus. We don't baptise children in our church... our conviction being that the decision to follow Jesus will be one which Jonas will make for himself when he is old enough to understand. In the meantime, however, Dave and I, as christians, made vows to do all we could to teach him the Scriptures and model to him what it means to be a follower of Jesus.

It's a responsibility we don't take lightly... parenting is hard - its a wonderful adventure, full of joy-filled moments and tear-your-hair-out moments, and its full of self-questioning, guilt-filled thoughts and constant analysis... but the gospel of Jesus gives us grace to make mistakes. It allows us to mess up and repent, and know that ultimately our children's spiritual welfare is not in our hands. It is between them and God - and we, as parents, will seek to encourage but not enforce... tease out questions, seek to give wise counsel and model in front of them what a life lived seeking to be a follower of Christ looks like.

It's big stuff.

We have done the same for the girls (you can read about Ava's dedication here, and Heidi's here) and four years into this parenting journey, as I have stood up the front and made my promises, the responsibility of them has felt more weighty with each child. Because no longer is christian parenting a pie in the sky dream that I aspire to... its the everyday reality... amidst the tantrums, the squabbles, the giggles and the good times... and my promises to support Dave in leading our family, to be a godly mother and to create a home which pervades with the sweetness of the gospel feel big. Because too often I want to do things my way, I want my husband and my children to follow my whim... and sometimes our house pervades more with angry frustration and eye-rolling than with the gospel.

But then there's grace again. And so I seek, day by day, to fulfil this calling as best I can - to work together with Dave to lead our family, not against him... to model hope, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness and self-control to the children, all the while showing them that it is not in my strength... to seek to make our home a place of honesty and integrity where kindness and grace and God's glory in all things are the norm. To pray daily for our children...

It's a big deal. And so the promise we made on Sunday rings true.

With the Lord's help, we will.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

A Lot of Leaf Love! #SavouringtheSeason

Well, our first week of #SavouringtheSeason has been and gone, and boy! There has been a lot of leaf love this week. I loved reading all your posts... such varied visual stories and funny tales and beautiful autumnal fun. THANK YOU for sharing them, and for supporting me as I kick started this little linky again!

My favourite post this week was actually a flurry of fiery orange photographs from Everyone Else is Normal. The post quotes one of my favourite quotes of all times; "I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers!" (LM Montgomery) and Siobhan has gathered all her autumnal pictures into one place and punctuated them with beautiful words. You can check it out here.

On the Instagram front, the hashtag (#savouringtheseason) has been growing, and boy does it make for some nice viewing! It's just so pretty, pretty, pretty! Do pop over and take a look here!

Here were some of my favourites this week... go and check out these lovely ladies Instagram feeds if you like looking at pure autumnal prettiness!

 Clockwise from top: 1. @mumturnedmom, 2. @nina_nixon, 3. @capturebylucy, 4. @fableandfolk

It's so nice to be part of a community which is celebrating all the beauty around us... Autumn is breathtaking in its goodbye... as nature dies, it does so in stunning beauty, and leads the way for a new start come next spring. Death makes way for new life... a living picture of the greatest story ever told.

So welcome to another week of #savouringtheseason... link up your seasonal posts below, keep tagging away on the hashtag, and I'll be back next week with some more curated goodies to share with you all!

Savouring the Season is all about celebrating the season we find ourselves in...whether it be recipes, crafts, outdoor adventures or reflections on life, link up and share some comment love! And don't forget to grab a badge! (from the sidebar on the right >>>)

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Oh, and don't forget to use the #SavouringtheSeason hashtag on Instagram too for some autumnal inspiration!

Monday, 16 November 2015

Baby Tales {Five Months}

I'm finding it really hard to believe that we're only a month away from the half-year mark... where have these five months gone? I genuinely believe that we've each child we've had, the time has flown by even quicker. And I know now we have totally removed ourselves from newborn zone and have fallen headlong into babyville.

But oh! How I love Babyville!

I love the leg rolls, the bubbling giggles, the cooing, the chubby cheeks, the beaming smile and just the joy this little man brings us. As he gets a bit more robust, he's less susceptible to attacks of love from the older two, and has already mastered the art of the vice-grip hair-pull. I have to work hard to stop myself from chuckling and saying to them "it serves you right!". Poor little man has put up with 5 months of being prodded and poked, pushed and pulled, and he's beginning to get his own back!

It doesn't help though, when the play gets a bit rough-and-tumble and I tell the girls to tone it down a bit, when they respond, "But Mama! He likes it" and I catch a glimpse of the biggest grin on his face.

You're not helping me out Jonas!

This month you have mastered the art of rolling. You've actually been doing it for about a week and a half now... and I keep finding you on your tummy, but I only actually saw you do it for the first time today! You are a speedy little man... one blink, and you miss it!

This week you have also discovered the joys of the Jumperoo... you haven't yet figured out how to bounce, but you're loving just spinning circles and exploring all the little bits and bobs to play with round the side. If you're anything like your sisters, this will be your favourite toy for the next couple of months, and will buy Mama precious time to get jobs done around the house!

You are such a joy, little Jonas. The most laid back, contented and happy little man and I am loving getting to know your little personality! You are sociable, and cheery and amenable and just fit right in to our little family. We've already forgotten what life was like before you were born. You are much adored by all of us, and we love you very very much!

Happy five months little man xxx

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Siblings // November 2015

This month was a rush job, I'm not going to lie... so the pictures are a little on the grainy side, because they were taken first thing in the morning, while the light wasn't quite all there, while the children were a little bleary-eyed and still donned in their pyjamas. And I almost held off posting them, except that often when I look back, these "real" understated captures usually turn out to be my favourites...

It's been a funny old month... the slow descent of autumn into winter, and so our days since returning from our half term break in Derbyshire have been mainly occupied with home comforts - cosy afternoons at home, playdates and the odd trip out in the rain when necessary. The days feel like they are getting ever shorter. By the time we're home from the school run, and we've had a snack, and Ava's done her homework, and Jonas is down for his third nap, its time to make the dinner and the night is already closing in.

Life is still crazy busy, but somehow the onset of winter makes me feel as though time is slowing down and I feel ready for that.

Ready for a little hibernation.

And these little three have been doing a good job at keeping each other company for the most part. Yes, at times I feel all I'm doing is breaking up squabbles, or attempting to remain calm while saying, for the hundredth time, "stop smothering the baby!" but actually they are good little playmates, and increasingly Jonas is being included on the fun. He's a little more robust now... he's lost his newborn neck wobble, and he's pretty responsive to the slightest smile or chuckle, and the girls are beginning to discover he makes a nice little friend to have around.

And it was only when I was sorting through my photos after this little TV-watching shoot (its hard to capture all three of them together sitting still!) that I spotted the picture below and it made me laugh...

I love that the girls look utterly bored out of their brains, while Jonas looks like somethings tickled him!

Our little people. These little siblings of mine... they sure know how to press my buttons, but boy - do I love them!

Little siblings in November.

dear beautiful

Friday, 13 November 2015

Reading, Royals and Savouring the Season // #littleloves

This week, we've noticed the trees looking more and more bare, the nights drawing in, and a chill in the air (with the exception of yesterday which was bizarrely mild!)... it feels like winter is looming. It's harder to get out of bed in the morning and the days feel shorter too, so time feels like its flying. I sometimes wish there were just a few more hours in the day!

It's been a quieter week than last week, and we've needed that. I notice that toddlers don't cope well with a full on programme, and when behaviour starts to slip, and tantrums start to increase, I know its usually a sign that we've taken on too much. But hey ho - that's a blog post of its own!

Onwards and upwards! Here's our little week in a nutshell!

Well... I've read very little, but we have a new reader in the house! Watching children learn to read is the most fascinating experience. Ava is loving phonics and tearing through her key words and generally just loving the whole reading experience. After breakfast this morning, I found the two girls cuddled up on the sofa, and Ava was reading her library book to Heidi - an actual book!!! I bee-lined for the camera, but alas my battery was dead, but I caught this blurry shot on my phone...

I just am so in awe of the ability of children's minds to soak in so very much! Incredible!

Ava's teacher at our very first parents evening! Being two teachers ourselves, it was strangely insightful to be on the other side of the desk! Ava's teacher is lovely, and our little lady got a glowing report. I genuinely cannot believe we have a child old enough to necessitate parents evenings, but time does fly!

We had a quiet night in the diary last weekend, so we rented out "A Royal Night Out". I loved it! OK, the story is somewhat unbelievable, even though its (very) loosely based on a true story, but I am a total royalist, and absolutely loved every bit of it... It tells the story of VE night, when Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret were let loose on an unsuspecting London! The characters are fun, the storyline hilarious and its just a general feel good, fun movie! If you want a light-hearted, fun-filled evening, then give it a look in!

Shoes! Yes, I've been wearing my boots for about three weeks, and then yesterday, it was so mild I actually wore shoes again! It felt strangely exciting! Of course, I've now packed them away... but it was nice to wear them one last time!

A new linky! Well, sort of new... I ran #SavouringtheSeason a couple of years back and loved it, but life got crazy, we had a new arrival, and it all just felt a bit much! But I've missed it, and so I re-launched it yesterday! If you have any autumnal post, please pop over here and link up! You can also use the #SavouringtheSeason hashtag on Instagram and I'll give my faves a shout-out next Thursday! The more, the merrier!

And Lastly...
This weekend is a busy little one with birthday parties, visits from Bestamor and Bestafar, Prayer and Praise nights up at church, tutoring session, choir practices and family dedications. The run up to Christmas is always a busy little one for us, so I'm trying to get on top of things before we head into it... 

Not long to go! Eek!

Happy weekend everyone!

Joining up with #littleloves with Morgana at

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Pumpkin Patch Fun // #SavouringtheSeason

I've made no secret of the fact that Autumn is my favourite season, and so it seemed only right that this new "season" of the #SavouringtheSeason linky should find it's beginnings in the pumpkin patch. It's a yearly trip for us, and one that has become the scene of an annual photo shoot for my little people.

Except of course, in usual Jonas style, he decided to sleep through the whole experience... so the boys sat in the cosy car, while us girls headed into the sea of orange.

It was rather a comical experience this year... we were a little late to the party. We normally hit the pumpkin patch in late September, but its been a busy little season, and with Ava at school, it wasn't as easy just to head off for the afternoon, so it didn't happen until the end of Half Term in the end... it was evident that we'd missed the patch at its peak the moment we stepped out of the car...

In the first patch, most of the pumpkins had been hacked to pieces... no doubt by hungry birds, or boisterous children, or a combination of both! I was ready to turn back, through sludgy mud, and begin the arduous task of returning the children to the car with no pumpkin to show for it, when we spotted another patch in the distance with a strip of brilliant orange running down the centre.

So over we went.

I suppose some of the slightly rotting pumpkins in the first patch did not appeal to Heidi's sense of smell, the poor child spent most of the trip holding her nose!

But as we went on, and hunted further and further for a pumpkin that was still in one piece, we began to enjoy the experience, and took a few photos along the way!

After a while, we had found two perfectly shaped, bright orange pumpkins, and while Kaya and Ava were still merrily exploring the patch, it had become clear that our littlest explorer had just about reached capacity...

It seemed Heidi was ready to hit the road!

And so we headed back, with two juicy round pumpkins to show for it, and our littlest girl who was soon cheered by a babycino in the cafe!

It doesn't take much to please a two-year-old!

For pictures of our slightly more idyllic pumpkin patch trip last year, click here!

What autumn fun have you been up to this week?

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