Thursday, 23 October 2014

Wet and Windy Day Activities: Savouring the Season

Wet and windy weeks are part and parcel of autumn, and so, I suppose, in many ways, this week's been no surprise!

Here's some of the things we like to get up to when the weather's a little... well... under the weather?! All of these have been done in our home in these last ten days Why not give them a go, if you feel like the little ones are crawling the walls?!

* Welly Walks (complete with umbrellas of course!)
* Windy park visits
* Playdough - cutters, plastic knives and mini rolling pins = hours of fun!
* Painting - nothing fancy!
* Reading
* Learning Fun Books - Ava is loving letter and number activity books at the mo
* Illuminous baths - illuminous glow sticks in the bath with lights out = ecstatic children!
* Hot Chocolate
* Movie afternoons - with homemade popcorn of course!
* Blanket tents
* Puzzles Galore
* Board games - and Snap! (The current fave!)
* Apple Printing
* Leaf collages
* Nature walks
* Surprise Trips out (more on this tomorrow!)
* Movie-making (always hilarious!)
* Dressing up (On Tuesday, I had Snow White, Tinkerbell, Ariel and Pocahontas all at once!)
* Baking
* Cleaning (with their own cloths and dusters)
* Sing- song time!

I thought I'd include a little video for your enjoyment of that last one!


Sometimes I despair in this wet and windy weather and wonder how I'm going to keep the children amused when we're housebound...

...and then I have a week like this and realise you can actually have a lot of fun when its tipping outside. We've had a whale of a week anyway! What do you do on wet and windy days?!


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Anything autumnal goes!

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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

The Countdown...

Tonight I'm sitting in bed, iPad in hand, mulling over the knowledge that in one week we will have an answer. After nine months of waiting, I can't quite fathom the concept that once again we will be able to answer the question, "So how is Heidi's heart?"

My own heart speeds up at the prospect... I know I will leave crying - tears of joy, of relief of wonder... Or tears of heartache, of a mother who in all honesty is tired and worn out of worrying.

I try not to. I try to live by faith that The Lord has this. Some days I manage it. Somedays the gut-wrenching disbelief tries to take hold and I battle to give it back to the Saviour.

Somehow, for some reason, I think I'm entitled to a pain-free easy life... I'm realising that's westernised thinking. In Syria, right now, Mother's are fearful for their children every second of every day. Millions of them.

This world is a broken place. And even if (please!) we get the news we are longing for next Tuesday, I know I will now always view the world through slightly different eyes. Our Heidi has changed me in a wonderful and broken way and right now, I'm praying, that if Lord-willing we get good news, I won't forget the lessons this journey has taught me.

And if we don't get that news? I can trust I still have some beautiful and broken lessons to learn...


Bye Bye Bestemor!

We have had a wonderful week with Bestemor. Dave's Mum has been over visiting from Norway and the girls have revelled in it. Early morning stories in bed, singing galore and a lot of cuddles. It is lovely to see this relationship develop... its long distance in many ways, but testimony to the wonders of Skype. There is never any strangeness or shyness when this group of ladies is reunited.

Just joy. And fun. And lots and lots of laughter.

Magni, thank you for staying... we will miss you!

Friday, 17 October 2014

And the winner is...

I'm very excited to announce the winner of the adorable Librileo book box...


Drumroll please!

And the winner is...


Well done Nadine! Please message me through the "Contact Me" page above and send me your address! The Librileo people will be in touch to sort out your personalised book box as soon as I hear from you!


Sorry to everyone who entered but didn't win... Hopefully next time! Please do go an take a look at Librileo as a company! They offer a fantastic service and are wonderfully educational!

Happy weekend everyone!

The Little Things We've Loved This Week

It's been a busy little week, but a lovely one, and there's been plenty of opportunity to find lots of little gems amongst the madness... my little loves for this week...

I read this fabulous little book called "The Debutante" by Kathleen Tessaro which was very Mitfordesque (if you don't know anything about the Mitford sisters, you HAVE to google them! Probably the most fascinating family to have ever existed!) I really, really enjoyed it from the first page, and it had a few interesting turns which always makes for good reading. I'm now working my way through "Sisters of the East End" by Helen Batten which is good, but nowhere near as absorbing as its "Call the Midwife" counterparts... I'm determined to finish it, but its definitely not a page turner in the way "The Debutante" was...

I watched Gogglebox for the first time last weekend, and giggled the whole way through. How can it be so funny to watch other people watching television?! Literally made me laugh out loud!

This week I have spent the week listening to nursery rhymes and action songs. The girls are currently loving doing their own "show" which involves them acting out all their personal faves, so I'm not getting a lot of listening time right now!

I relaunched my little business which is very exciting, so I've been busy crafting away! This week I've been working on a couple of little commissions which has been fun and a bit different to my normal stock. I'd love it if you'd pop over to my Facebook Page and give it a like (only if you actually DO like the stuff of course!)

This is the category I always fail at, because to be honest? I can't really remember. Getting two little girls dressed is busy enough, and at the moment, I'm getting up ten minutes before them and throwing on the first thing I find in the wardrobe. Yup. I am a fashion queen... Or not. I AM enjoying wearing my boots again though. After a whole season apart from each other, we're reacquainting ourselves and I'm thoroughly happy to be doing so!

And Finally...
My lovely mother-in-law is over from Norway this week so we've been having lots of fun and the girls have been having a whale of a time. This weekend is going to be REALLY busy - it involves a family get-together, baby shower, Naming Day and Tutoring sessions... Wish me luck!

What have you been loving this week??



Thursday, 16 October 2014

Our Autumnal Week: Savouring the Season

Rainy days means stuck inside
Noses pressed at windows, blue eyes wide
Watching, jumping at the sound
Of thunder rumbling all around.

Autumn baking, little hands knead
mixed spice biscuits, little mouths to feed
Cancelled trips to the pumpkin patch
Instead we bake a Pumpkin Muffin batch!

Autumn colours everywhere,
Red, yellow, orange, leaves to share
Paintbrushes out, the colours of fall
As little girl creations plaster the walls.

Kicking through leaves in welly boots,
The school run seems a longer route
When all's slowed down by autumn fun
As little girls jump and little girls run!

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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

In Two Weeks, We'll Know...

In two weeks, it will be the morning after the biggest hospital appointment of our year. In two weeks, we will know, a little bit more, the long term consequences of Heidi's Kawasaki Disease.

As the two weeks draw near, I find myself flitting between a determined denial; an understanding that I can do nothing to change the outcome and therefore there's no point in even thinking about it, and a deepset fear. I know the Lord holds our Heidi utterly in his hands, but sometimes the unknown is easier to swallow than the truth...

In two weeks, we will return to the Royal Brompton for another Consultant appointment: vitals, followed by an ECG, followed by an Echo (heart scan) followed by the all important Consultant meeting, where we will once again find out what is going on in our littlest girl's body.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, you can read Heidi's story here. The initial trauma is over, but the long term consequences, and the day-to-day background anxiety of a child with a serious heart condition, continue.

And so, in two weeks, we will know.

In two weeks, we'll know whether Heidi's last affected coronary artery has healed itself like the others
In two weeks we'll know whether the aneursysms that literally covered our baby girl's arteries have gone forever.
In two weeks, we'll know whether Chicken Pox will continue to be our worst enemy, or simply a childhood illness to be endured.
In two weeks, I'll know whether any mention of Chicken Pox turns our daughter into a recluse, or whether she will have the freedom to mix and play with children who "may" be carrying it.
In two weeks, we will know whether her daily medication can be stopped, or whether it will need to continue.
In two weeks, we'll know whether this has been a short, painful chapter in our lives, or whether it will be a lifelong book with chapters yet to come.

In two weeks, we'll know whether we will ever be able to look back on this difficult, lifechanging period of our lives as history, or whether it will may well always be a reality we live with.

Two weeks.

How do you begin to get your head around that knowledge, when Kawasaki Disease and its devastating consequences have lived for the past 18 months like the silent, unwelcome fifth member of your household? When EVERY gathering with other children strikes that slight fear that perhaps will bring our Heidi into contact with something that could be life-shattering for her? When every dinner time is followed by a dose of medication that never lets you forget? When your daughter is removed from the public for nearly six months because she can't afford to risk catching certain illnesses?

The prospect of healing is unfathomable... and yet the Doctor's told us they were hopeful.

So I begin to prepare my mind for this appointment. Two weeks, and things will be much clearer.

One way or the other...

Do I hope? Or do I put up my self-protective wall that won't let me hope, because the fall down will be too hard?

Or do I do that other thing? That thing I've been learning in a more real, painful, world-shattering, broken-but-beautiful way...

Do I trust that the Saviour holds our girly in his hands? That his will WILL be done? And that it will be for his glory, and Heidi's good? That I can know, without shadow of a doubt, that whatever happens in two weeks is absolutely right?

Do I trust Him?

The answer - through the trips and turns, the tunnels, the valleys, the bottom of the pit and lower - has proved this past 18 months to be "yes"...

I can trust Him. He has proved so very, very, faithful.

And so, Lord, I do.

Help me when I doubt...