Thursday, 30 March 2017

Spring in the Home // Simple Springtime Touches...

Whenever the season changes I always have this internal argument with myself. You see, at the season's change, regardless of which season is coming round, it always seems to be my "favourite"... when summer's blues skies turn to crisp autumn afternoons, Autumn is my favourite... When crisp autumn afternoons turn into cosy winter nights snuggled up under a blanket with a movie and a hot chocolate, winter is my favourite.

But spring? There is something super special about spring, don't you think? A new awakening... that scent of buds breaking through, new life, doors swung open, hope, sunshine, joy...

Sheer bliss.

As I sit here, hyacinths bloom on the table in front of me, their scent cheering my spirit... the patio doors behind me are open, welcoming in the sight of blue skies and the sound of birdsong. Nature celebrates the springtime, and I think we can't help but join in the song...

But it is spring, and that means that each day there is beautiful sunshine and each day the hum of the lawnmower rings, is more than likely to be followed by a day of those spring rains, and the return of that chill in the air which sends us reeling backwards.

And on those days? That's when I'm grateful to have a little bit of spring in my home...

Bringing a little piece of springtime into the home can be so simple... and yet so many of the glossy magazines recommend paint work, and expensive furniture changes. Bringing spring home can cost you next to nothing... so I thought I'd share a few things we do around our home to brighten up the day when those spring showers hit... And to do it on a budget! Prettiness doesn't have to cost!

Blooms everywhere...

Flowers can be a cheap and cheerful way to brighten up your home instantly. This simple bunch of daffodils cost me £1 and adds an instant pop of colour to the room. The local florist have so many lovely options, some of which will be out of price range, but I'm always amazed by how many simple, beautiful little bunches can be bought for £2-3. As soon as I get home, I grab every glass bottle and jam jar I have, and spread that one bunch throughout the house. It took me years to realise I didn't need to use up all my flowers in one big bunch on the dining table... lots of cute little bunches, or even single flowers, were much more appealing!

Springtime scents...

Whether scented candles or essential oils are your thing, there are loads of lovely springtime scents, even if you aren't so into the floral thing. I love spending a morning perusing our local garden centres selections and pick up a few tea lights on offer, or a couple of votives. You don't have to buy a £20 Yankee Candle to fill your home with a beautiful scent...

Some of my favourites...

Price's Open Window Candle

This is my FAVE spring candle... its really low profile, not at all flowery or floral, but totally fresh and clean and spring like! I love it, and it comes in a really cute little pot/cup thing!

Essential Oil blends for your diffuser...
Fresh and Clean
- 2 drops lavender
- 2 drops lemon
- 2 drops rosemary
Season Changer
- 2 drops lavender
- 2 drops lemon
- 2 drops peppermint
And I haven't tried this one, but it sounds amazing...
Sunny Day
- 2 drops bergamot
- 4 drops orange
- 2 drops ylang ylang

Oils may seem expensive, but one little bottle will honestly last you years!

A Spot of Spring Cleaning...

There is something about the spring that actually puts me in the mood for cleaning... I made the switch earlier this year to natural products, and I've never looked back. Water and a few drops of lemon oil, with a bit of white vinegar thrown in and the house will be glistening, smell amazing AND non-toxic. Somehow having a good deep clean makes my home feel ready for a fresh start too... And isn't that what Spring is all about?!

Open those windows...
It sounds simple, and it really is! Let the fresh air in! Swing wide those patio doors! There is this incredible scent in the air at springtime, that just rejuvenates the soul!

A Little Seasonal Decor...

Decorating to the season has become part and parcel of our home life. I think it was my years in Austria that did it... Celebrating each season, not just Christmas, with decorations that highlight the joys of each new time of year. I've gathered bits and bobs over the years, scoured charity shops, and picked up bargains along the way. I have a box for each season and use the same stuff every year, just rearranged in different ways... And my mantel is always at the heart of that decoration. Having a seasonal hub, somewhere central in the home, makes for a seasonal centrepiece, and I love the fact that there's a constant change of feel in our family space as a result. I've always purposefully gone for neutral walls so that I have the freedom to chop and change the details as my heart so desires. The kids are always so excited when we get to whip a new box out and pack the old stuff away, and they love finding their own treasures in nature to add to our display!

I recently picked up these bathe copies of the Observer Books from our local antique shop... They are getting daily use and we're learning lots about our local birds and wildflowers!

And yes, I know that's an 'autumnal' scented candle... But it's my fave! And it pretty much gets a look in all year round!

Springtime Tablescape...

And of course, on special occasions, it's always fun to go to town on your table settings. A pack of sprung napkins, your best crockery and a bunch of seasonal flowers and voila! A feast is served!

So here's my question! What do you do to bring the season into your homes? Do you have any little traditions? Do you feel the need to spend a fortune? Or is decorating to the season something you've never even considered before?? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Soundtrack for a Struggling Soul // Truths for Trials

It hasn't been an easy few weeks... the whirlwind of one thing after another... sick children, broken bones and the complications of placenta praevia in pregnancy. Our local hospital has felt more familiar than I would perhaps like it to, and yet in it all I am so very thankful for the NHS, for the care and concern they have shown, and for having a plan of action.

But it is true that however organised and ordered the Consultants are, however much of a plan is in place, however much you entrust yourself, they are merely human, and at times, the questions surrounding my placenta praevia, and potential placenta accreta, feel overwhelming.

The what ifs threaten to take over.

Sometimes in the night, they feel big and weighty and heavy... I struggle to name them because I can't let my head go there... there are certain things I feel safer handing straight to my heavenly Father, and leaving them there.

So many people praying... so many speaking words of truth to my heart in this time that could be overcome by fear. And yet, for the most part, I feel anchored... safe... secure.

Words of truth. God's promises. His provisions in Christ are the things that anchor my soul when my mind is swirling with questions...

And of all the mediums there are, it is music that so often has the power to speak straight to my soul. It allows the tears to flow without that overwhelming flood... it puts voice to my anxious thoughts and preaches promises to my heart.

And so I thought I'd share the words which have steadied this struggling soul over the past few weeks. Yesterday, I spent time putting them all into one big spotify playlist... so if you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, flooded with anxiety or fear, I thought it might be helpful to share those promise-filled truths with you.


Monday, 27 March 2017

The Art of Calm // Thoughts for a Monday Morning

"To have moments of calm - creative or restful - is a form of deep sustenance for human beings of all ages. Relationships are often built in these pauses, in the incidental moments, when nothing much is going on"
- Kim John Payne -

Friday, 24 March 2017

March Favourites // Little Loves

I can never quite believe how quickly another month can whizz by, and suddenly we're into the next month and I'm writing up my little loves for March.

Yet again, this month has been littered with hospital trips... affording me much time to read books and watch movies and listen to podcasts, and I'm thankful to report that baby remains on the inside. With every week that passes, we enter safer and safer territory and though I won't deny that each scare is slightly terrifying... I am increasingly thankful for the strength this little baby is already showing, and for a good God who I can rely upon, no matter what. We are almost at 32 weeks now, and the hoped for 37 draws ever nearer...

So here we have my little loves for March...

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Something Old // A Little Antique Haul...

I don't know what it is about old stuff, but there is something in me that just finds it innately more fascinating and beautiful. For me, stepping into an antique shop is like stepping into a treasure trove. Every single item has a history - a story to tell... and unearthing those stories, treasuring those stories and making your own story part of their story is, quite simply, magnificent.

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Thoughts from a Hospital Bed // Last Night


It's taken me a little while to write this post... I've needed a little bit of recuperating and reflecting. Often my response in a crisis is to tumble it out in a post of raw words... To get my head clear and process my thoughts through the process of writing. But, to be brutally honest, last night was full of tears and anxious thoughts that threatened to overwhelm me and I've needed a little time today to reflect and recover and gain some perspective on last night.